Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to your questions

You have questions ? we provide you with frequently asked questions to answer most of your questions. If you do not find a precise answer to your question please contact us by email: We have selected the questions below, because we believe that they cover the main questions of our customers during all the years of activity of cab driver. The answers given are brief and direct.

1The advantages of Clic-VTC?

The prices are determined before the completion of the ride. They are fixed and do not vary according to the travel conditions: traffic jams, length of the route and travel time Knowing that the literary chosen during the ride and systematically the fastest. In addition, your driver is guaranteed immediately after placing your order, because we immediately block our driver's schedule.

2What is the maximum capacity of our vehicles?

Our vehicles are sedans. You can choose one of the following options: • 1 person + 5 pieces of luggage maximum • 2 people + 4 pieces of luggage maximum • 3 people + 3 pieces of luggage maximum • 4 people + 2 pieces of luggage maximum For any other capacity, please contact us by email or phone for find you another solution.n.

3 How do I make sure my reservation is taken care of?

We fix a time slot, of our driver, necessary for the duration of your trip, just after making a reservation on our platform. The driver will therefore be available on the date and at the time of your trip.

4How is the fare calculated?

The price of the trip is calculated by the algorithm of the central reservation taking into account the distance (in kilometers) and the duration (in minutes). The algorithm automatically chooses the fastest route using the Google maps software as a reference. The passenger can choose another route if they wish without the price of the journey changing.

5Does the price change?

No additional fare will be added depending on baggage, traffic jams, tolls or parking. The only price to be paid is the price indicated when ordering. Also, the rate remains fixed for night hours, weekends and holidays. Finally, the approach time is not billed.

6When to book my trip?

Ideally, 24 hours is the minimum time between ordering and taking charge of your trip. This will allow us to guarantee our driver and warn you of possible traffic circumstances which may affect your journey.

7How do I make sure my reservation is validated?

A confirmation email will be sent to you systematically after you have paid and confirmed your reservation.

8I did not receive the confirmation email for my reservation? what to do ?

If you do not receive the confirmation email after making a reservation, remember to check your spam (spam) In the event that you still do not find it in your spam, I invite you to contact us as soon as possible.

9Can I pay online by credit card?

Online payment by credit card is possible on our platform in complete security. Our partner LA BANQUE POSTALE ensures the security of the payment registration of the price indicated for your order.

10What happens after my payment

After confirming your order click on "pay by credit card" Once your payment is made safely, it will be validated immediately. You receive a confirmation email so we take care of your ride.

11When to receive my invoice?

By making a trip with Clic-VTC, you immediately and systematically receive an invoice, by email, containing all the information related to your transfer. We therefore advise you to check the accuracy of your contact details.

12How to recognize my Clic-VTC driver?

At the station Your Clic-VTC driver awaits you with a sign in the central hall opposite the corridor that you are taking to exit the platforms.
At the airport Your Clic-VTC driver is waiting for you with a sign in the central hall opposite the exit of the arrival terminal.
Other location Our driver is waiting for you at the exact pick-up address you provided when you made your reservation. Our driver uses the information you provide when booking to track your flight or train journey. He can also call you by phone if necessary. You can also contact him by phone to arrange an appointment or for other questions.

13I'll be late, what to do?

if you are late for your appointment with our driver, contact him as soon as possible to prevent him. Unless traffic is disrupted, the driver can follow your flight or train in real time using the flight or train number that you indicate in the reservation. To know:
• 30 minutes of free waiting for airport ride
• 15 minutes of free waiting for any other ride (See CGV)

14Can I modify my course?

It is possible to change your ride for free at least 24 hours before the pick-up time. After this time, a supplement may be applied. For this, contact us by phone on 0646578850. (See CGV)

15How can I reach my driver if necessary?

Your driver's phone number will be sent to you in your booking confirmation email. You can contact your Clic-VTC driver for any questions regarding your ride.

16Does my rate change depending on the luggage?

No rate change is applied for the baggage supplement.

17Is there a nightly rate?

No night tariff and no weekend tariff. The price paid when booking is the same 24/7.

18Can I cancel my ride?

It is possible to cancel your ride for free at least 24 hours before the pick-up time. Beyond this period a supplement may be applied. For that, call us on 0646578850.

19Is online payment secure?

Our partner the postal bank ensures maximum security for each transaction made on our site. To do this, the “scellius” platform intervenes to manage all payments and transmit your encrypted bank details to the data storage server.

20Which payment methods are accepted?

Chez Clic-VTC It is possible to pay online by the following bank cards: MasterCard, Visa, American express and credit card. In certain cases, on prior request, we exceptionally accept payment in cash or bank card (EPT) when taking care of your ride.

21Are there car seats (booster seats)?

We have car seats for your children under 9 years old. It is possible to order car seats in the comment area when booking a ride. Don't worry about your strollers as we can carry up to two in the trunk.

22Wheelchair for people with reduced mobility

Our vehicles have trunks large enough to accommodate a wheelchair for people with reduced mobility. We are pleased to welcome people with reduced mobility to our home with support when getting off and getting into the vehicle if necessary.

23Are animals accepted?

According to the regulations for the transport of people, guide animals for the blind, must be accepted in all vehicles for the transport of people. For normal people, we exceptionally accept small animals: & nbsp; small dogs, cats, rabbits ... in their crate or cage.