Private cab driver Caracalla Thermes - Strasbourg

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Chauffeur VTC à thermes de caracals - Baden Baden

Les chauffeurs Clic-VTC sont disponibles pour une prise en charge aux themes de caracalaa de baden baden 24h/ 24 et 7j/7 et vous déposer à la ville de Strasbourg ou pour le trajet inverse. Tous nos chauffeurs sont habitués pour ce déplacement.
En fonction de nombre de passagers vous avez le choix entre une berline ou un van. Ce service alternatif au taxi présente plusieurs avantages :
- Prise en charge avec attente de 30 minutes gratuites
- Wifi et bouteilles d'eau disponible gratuitement
- Assistance téléphonique disponible gratuitement 24h/24 - Modification et annulation gratuites

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How to get around Strasbourg and the Baden-Baden caracalla thermal baths?

Transport by private driver between Strasbourg and the thermal baths of Caracalla

Strasbourg is 61 kilometers from the caracal thermal baths in Baden Baden. This distance can be done by VTC car in about 55 minutes. The journey between these two places is often fluid. Our drivers often take the A5 motorway, at unlimited speed. Note that when crossing the German border, no travel document is required.
We, Clic-VTC, charge 97 euros for this trip in a 3-passenger sedan and 147 euros in a 7-passenger van. Apart from the taxi or the VTC, not much choice of means of transport available for this trip.

About Caracalla Thermes - Baden Baden

The thermal baths of Caracalas are located in the town of Baden Baden, which is itself known for these thermal baths. It is a complex with a variety of swimming pools and relaxation pools. Pools of their own ranging from very low to very high temperature. Several saunas also available, at different temperatures, inspired by ancient Roman culture.
Ample parking in the basement, with spaces often available. Ticket purchase is possible on their website or on site.
The majority of its customers are of French nationality, more precisely who come from Strasbourg.