Becoming a private driver in Strasbourg

Discover all the steps to become independent in on-demand passenger transportation

You want to become independent and invest in the profession of private driver? You are in the right place. Contact us via the form opposite and we will respond to you in less than 24 hours. We will explain for free how to avoid beginner mistakes, where to start, how to get the professional card, how to create your legal status, and how to prospect your business.

Getting the professional card for private driver

Obtaining the private driver's card (VTC) involves a few steps and meeting certain conditions: - Follow the private driver (VTC) training in a training school
- Pass the private driver (VTC) exam
- Obtain a medical certificate from an approved doctor - Submit a file to the prefecture.

Creating a micro-enterprise or company

After obtaining the professional card for private driver (VTC), it will be time to register your business with the Chamber of Crafts. To do this, you need to choose a suitable status for your company based on your situation.

Buying your vehicle and launching your business

Is your company registered? Congratulations! It's time to take action. You will need to buy a sturdy and economical vehicle to be profitable. Schedule a phone appointment with us to advise you on the list of the best quality/price vehicles.

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