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How Are Our Prices for Private Chauffeur Taxi Calculated?

Using Google Maps software, our algorithm takes into account two parameters: time in minutes and distance in kilometers to calculate the fare for a ride. The system automatically selects the fastest and shortest route so that the final fare is as low as possible. Finally, our pricing policy differs from that of traditional taxis, which use a meter to calculate the fare during the journey.

How much does a private taxi driver ride cost?

The ride in a private taxi with a driver is charged at €1.4 per kilometer and 20 cents per minute for the sedan. For the van (1 - 7 passengers), the price is €2 per kilometer and 50 cents per minute. These rates are fixed regardless of: road traffic conditions, luggage supplements, and the time of day. We also offer a free 30-minute wait in case of delays.

Available Simulation

The availability, or rental of a chauffeured car, can be for events such as weddings, ceremonies, tourist visits...
Our prices for this service can range from €50 to €100 per hour, depending on the chosen vehicle, the number of kilometers to travel, and the number of passengers on board. Three types of vehicles are available for this service: Sedans, Minivans, and Vans. To get a personalized price estimate, please request a quote by clicking here.

Questions/Answers on the price of the trip with private driver Strasbourg

1My train/plane was delayed, does the price change?
Was your train or plane unexpectedly delayed? Don't panic, your private taxi driver will wait for you for 30 minutes free of charge.
2Are additional options charged?
It depends on your route. Some options are free for long journeys. To benefit from the added options free of charge, please contact the private taxi driver center.
3Are additional stops charged?
If the stop is on the route of the journey, no extra charge is made. If the stop requires a detour, the supplement is based on the distance traveled to reach the requested location.